Music, as a vibration, profoundly affects all levels of our being, from our physical body, to our emotions, our spiritual experience, and our state of mind. Receiving healing music is healing, but so is daring to be carried away by the flow of sound, understanding our own body rhythms, daring to experiment with sounds, and letting go of our voice.

Healing Music 

meditative sessions

Berimbao- therapy 

Musical freedom practices


Meditation gatherings, in which sound and breath help us to enter other more sensitive, perceptual and broad states of consciousness.


The berimbao is an African ancestral instrument, used mainly in Brazilian popular culture.

 Its immense vibrational 

capacity allows us to use it together with the knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine, to work the energy of some channels and resonators.

 It is what  have  been called Berimbao-therapy by their creators Criastiani Ferraz e Carlinhos Ferreira. Our research in this regard has shown us that this therapy affects very deep levels of our being, as well as emotional and even physical levels.

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I work with groups or individuals, in a particular way, free musical improvisation, seeking through it our own identity. Releasing our voice and experiencing our sense of rhythm is one of the most healing events I know of.