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When dancing
makes us freer


Healing Dance Seminar in Tampere and Switzerland

We live in a time in which our senses are saturated with information and stimuli, but far from making us freer, the senses remain trapped in the material world. Through them we perceive reality, and depending on their level of freedom, our world becomes wider or narrower.


Our senses have a much more privileged design than we imagine, and they allow us to hear the finer nuances of a feeling, to smell the situations to come, and to see beyond words.


Dancing has been the spiritual heritage of all the peoples of the Earth, and purposeful movement has the capacity to amplify our awareness and our sensitivity. That is why dance can help us discover new dimensions of our senses to we awaken to a poetic vision of existence.

Do you dare to come with us?




Trascendence os the Smell:

From purification to intuition.

Trascendence of Hearing:

Listening to feelings.

Trascendence os sight:

Dance of the imagination.

Trascendence of touch:

Dance of the caress.

Trascendence of Taste:

Dance of the taste of life.

The communion of senses:

Dance of Art.




Due to limited capacity, registration is  needed.

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