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The Art of


Healing is an art, because you have to be very artistic to understand human suffering and develop resources to transcend it and find its meaning.

Acupuncture, moxibustion and energetic massage are our bases, accompanied by a good dose of humanism. These ancient traditions can treat any type of disease, from musculoskeletal problems, to internal or even psychological problems. Its effectiveness in the management of anxiety, mood disorders, joint problems is widely demonstrated. But, fundamentally, we seek to treat the being as a whole, harmonizing its energies so that it can develop in the best way in the environment in which it is.


Energetic Massage


Our approach to Acupuncture has a deep and spiritual focus, since we start from the basis that any disease has its roots in our spiritual and emotional experience. In the classical texts of Acupuncture, the Chinese sages knew that the being gets sick when the harmony between their energies and the energies of heaven and earth is broken. They also knew that acupuncture basically treats the psyche of the patient, and through that performance, his physical body is relieved or healed. Hence, through acupuncture we can treat any type of disease.

- joint problems.- diseases of the organs.-diseases of the nervous system-gynaecological and fertility problems.- stress.- depression and mood disorders- anxiety, etc.

Consult your case with us and we will look for a possible treatment.



40€ per session.   

10-session voucher: 350€ (35€ per session)   

20 session voucher: 600€ (30€ per session)

This massage is based on the action on the energy channels that run through our body and that are described in ancient acupuncture texts. Pain, as well as mood imbalance, is a direct consequence of energy stagnation. Moving and making the Qi more fluid is the objective of this type of therapy that we can apply in many diseases.


50 euros session

voucher 10 treatmentes 450 (45€ per treatment)

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