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The QI Gong Li or the art of moving the Qi or the vital breath, is an ancient Chinese art focused on maintaining health. Knowing how to move the Qi, the breath, the energy, allows us to stay vital, conscious, and awake. And that, today, is an art.

Qi Gong is one of the millenary oriental arts that have helped and still help to make our energies more fluid, and therefore our emotions, our body and our thinking. Doing Qi Gong on a permanent basis is undoubtedly a healthy habit.

We practice Ba Han Sheng Style Qigong, that it was created by Master Jose Luis Padilla (Ba Hang Sheng) , from the Neijing School in Spain. This style of Qi Gong works the physical and the spiritual body, helping us to connect with our spiritual essence as well and improving our flexibility.


It costs 15€ per session. 40€ monthly.

(We don't have any qigong group this year.)


We also offer particular classes. Price is 40€ per session.

Contact us for coming!

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