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Developing our femininity is also an art, for both men and women, since we live in a world where the feminine is blurred, and we lack hopeful references. Beyond being a gender, the feminine is an energy that we all need to know, develop, and promote. Daring to remove the clichés, the prototypes, and to bare reality corresponds to men and women, in order to be able to meet, both genders, in a more harmonious and healthy way.


for Groups

Healing  Sessions

for Women

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We give talks to groups of women or mixed groups, about the development of our feminine.


Prices vary based on the number of participants. Contact us for more information.

Today we know that the ways men and women get sick are different, because our disease factors are different, due to the great differences in our biological and energetic systems, the social history that precedes us, our sensitivities, education and a long etc. If our illness is different, the therapeutic approaches we need are also different. 

Our study of Traditional Oriental Medicine together with the study of the feminine has led us to develop specific treatments for women, whatever the disease they suffer.

40 euros  session

Upcoming Events

Workshops of Womens Health
In Tampere

In Women


Pain syndromes have a high incidence in the female population. In this meeting we will analyze some of the factors that affect pain in women, both from a social point of view and from the energetic perspective that Traditional Chinese Medicine offers us.

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