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 Online Workshops of Women's health

(Only in spanish language)



Women's health has been one of the great invisible ones in the history of medicine. In a fundamentally male world, female health has not been understood or studied in depth. As a result, today we are sicker than ever and we try to heal our wounds with methods that were not designed for us.

We have the immense but exciting task of investigating our illness and our health, daring to look inside, launch proposals, and carry out actions that help us heal and develop who we are as feminine.


This course proposes an approach from a humanistic and energetic perspective based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, through different aspects that in women’s lives can become a cause of disease. Thus, we will make a trip through the "Five Mutant Kingdoms" * of women, or what we could say, the Five Seasons of Women. In each of them we will address different female problems, such as the relationship with their identity, their body and its womb, female expression and communication, the world of affections, its relationship with motherhood and the leap towards menopause.


* The Five mutant kingdoms is a basic concept of Traditional Chinese Medicine, also called the Five Movements, which explains the different energies and substances that make up any phenomenon on this planet.

How it will be?

The course will last six weeks, at the rate of a weekly meeting of two hours, in which we will do a theoretical humanistic and energetic approach, we will propose practical exercises for self-care and treatments for the care of the other women around us. We will do practices to carry out each week and monitoring of its impact on participants. This monitoring will help us to perceive and incorporate the proposals in a deeper way, so that they become part of you and you can use them for your own well-being and that of your environment.

For whom?

This course is dedicated to any person, woman or man, interested in the well-being of women. It is not necessary to have knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine, because the goodness of this Millennial Tradition allows us to make accessible and simple approaches for everyone.

How much?

It will cost 30 euros per meeting, with the right to participate in the zoom room, didactic material and personalized monitoring of the exercises.

Who gives it?

My name is Aida Domínguez, and I have dedicated myself to the study and research of women's health and development for 18 years, together with Dr. José Luis Padilla Corral and the Asociación Inspiración Femenina at the Neijing School in Spain.

With all that baggage, and with what we still have to discover, I invite you to join this adventure that, for sure, will provide you with elements to improve your quality of life and that of your community.


From may 17th to June 21st, every Monday at 19’00-21-00h Spanish time


1st: Introduction to women's health.

The great forgotten one and the great needy one.

The importance of the feminine vision in health.

Toning the Yin of Humanity.

Practical exercises.


2nd: Water or Winter:

The identity of the woman and the relationship with her womb.

Some uterine diseases.

 Practical exercises and self-massages.


3rd: Wood or Spring:

Female expression and communication.

Its relationship with the musculoskeletal system: Fibromyalgia.

Practical exercises, self-massage and treatments.


4th: Fire or Summer:

The world of affections in women, loves and heartbreaks.

Practical exercises, self-massage and treatments.


5th: The earth or the Late Summer:

Motherhood in women, with or without children.

Maternal energy.

When having or not having children begins to be sickness.

Practical exercises and self-massage.


6th: The metal or the Autumn Age of women:

The experience of menopause.

Practical exercises, self-massages and treatments


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