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The Connection to Femininity

The Process of Art Workshops for Women

Collect women together, save the world...

The energy of gathered women will be born of the mixture of

love, bravery, ideas, comments and catchy laugh,

 and the will of achieving the change.

(Jean Shinoda Bolen)

Screenshot 2024-01-22 at 14.25.01.png

Nowadays we need femininity and feminine values maybe more than ever. We see daily in the news and in our lives, how the old ways of power, battle, and other patriarchic models do not work anymore. That is the reason it feels meaningful to collect the group and start to give birth for a new with the help of femininity and arts.


The Connection to Femininity -workshop process is for women, who want both to search connection to themselves, to other people, to surrounding world, and share experiences by learning together, changing things.

Art and its methods at best may help we to encounter a new perspective, and a change. Art makes possible to participate, research, experience, recognizing, and sharing. It increases the connection between people and other living. The Connection to Femininity -workshops consist sharing experiences of different themes, and also expressive art therapy, healing arts, and various methods of contemplation: dancing, writing, painting, meditating, discussing, and drama.


The Art Workshop -process includes nine workshops, which will be carried out mainly on the first Saturday of every month, starting from March 2024. The language in the workshops will be both Finnish and English.

The themes of the workshops are:


  1. Connection to Yourself (March)

  2. Connection to Emotions (April)

  3. Connection to Body and Sexuality (May)

  4. Connection to your Way of Doing (June)

  5. Connection to Women (the start of August)

  6. Connection to Men (the end of August)

  7. Connection to Nature (October)

  8. Connection to Spirituality (November)

  9. Connection to Universe (December)

Free online presentation of the project

If you are interested of this group, and want to know more, please be ready to be online on the 13th of February at 6-7 p.m., when we will keep a free info about the whole process.

You can acces the free presentation here.



Winter regards from Pispala,

the leaders of the group:

Aida Dominguez and Virpi Koskela



€100 per day workshop.

Registrations: or


Our Team


Virpi Koskela

PhD/community educator and developer of art methods

Aida Dominguez

Photo: Isaia Contreras Holsaeter

Aida Dominguez

Artis, Healer, and Gender Researcher

For more detailed schedules:


1st workshop Sat 2.3 10-18 (ARTis)

2nd workshop Sat 6.4 10-18 (ARTis)

3rd workshop Sat 4.5 from 10 am to 6 pm (ARTis)

4th workshop Sat 8.6 at 10-18 (location to be confirmed)

5. workshop Sat 3.8 at 10-18 (place to be confirmed)

6th workshop Sat 31.8 at 10-18 (place to be confirmed)

7. workshop Sat 5.10 at 10-18 or possibly the whole weekend Sat-Sun at the camping centre in the natural helmet

8. workshop Sat 2.11 10-18 (place to be confirmed)

9. workshop Sat 7.12 10-18 (location to be confirmed)


The first three workshops are scheduled to take place in Tampere, at the ARTis Art Therapy Centre in Pyyniki ( The remaining workshops will be arranged separately in Tampere, except for a possible "Connection to Nature" workshop, which can be organized as a two-day workshop in a camping center in one of the Pirkanmaa regions.

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