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Our perspective:

Why arts and healing in the same path?

I always thought that the healer should not know only about medicine to understand and deal with human suffering. On the contrary, you have to be very artistic. I found in art the perfect ally to heal, since art helps us transcend suffering, at the moment when we transform it into beauty. Expressing ourselves through art makes us freer, and it is precisely that liberation that helps us heal wounds. Wounds that we all suffer in one way or another, as part of an alienating human lifestyle. 

Arts in general act on the higher levels of our being, such as our spiritual and intuitive body, in such a way that by acting on them we also act on the other levels such as mental, energetic and physical.

To develop ourselves artistically without chains, without stereotypes, betting on the spiritual condition of our being, is the path we propose.

My Training 

My healing and artistic training has basically been developed at the Neijing School, with Master Jose Luis Padilla, through 25 years of study, collaboration and teaching in that school. Along with the clinical and therapeutic learning of acupuncture and massage, I have always developed the healing aspect of the arts, mainly through: music, working on various healing music projects; and dance, training with José Luis Padilla and serving as teacher of sacred dance in several countries in Europe and Latin America for more than 20 years. I trained also in Healing Creative Theatre and was a teacher for some years, as well as a participant in healing theatre groups.

My vocation for the development of femininity was cultivated with the Feminine Inspiration Association, of which I was a founding member since 2003 until 2018. With this Association, I developed research projects, seminars, conferences, publications and countless activities that came to highlight the amount of things that are still to be done in the face of our development as a woman. Working with women's groups increases and cultivates my own femininity, because learning from each other is the path I believe in.

Photo: Isaia Contreras Holsaeter
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