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Dances of Life

Healind Dance Course in Tampere
23-24 October 2021

Our life is similar to the course of a river, from its source until it merges with the sea. In this course we will develope, through intentional movement, a journey through the different stages of life, from childhood to old age, rescuing the virtues that each age offers us.


All our ages live in us, those we have already lived, and those that are yet to come. All of them are part of the beautiful potential that we have, and they provide us with the necessary tools for our walk through this world.


Each phase of our life bears an extraordinary resemblance to the watercourse. This metaphor will guide us during the meeting, to go into fundamental topics as innocence, sexuality, ideals, responsibility, wisdom, etc ...



It will take place on October 23rd and 24th, 2021.

           saturday 23rd. from 10'00h to 18'00h

           sunday 24th, from 10'00h to 14'00h



at the Legioonateatteri place, located at Mäntyhaantie 5-7, Tampere.



The price will be 80 euros.


We invite everyone to bring a little food to share, so that we will all share a lunch in the space that Legioonateatteri offers us.



The Well: Childhood.

Dance of Innocence

The Spring: Adolescence.

Dance of Sexual Awakening

The Stream: Youth.

Dance of Ideals

The River: Adulthood.

Dance of Responsibility.

The Sea: Maturity.

Dance of Menopause and Freedom

Clouds and Rain: Old age.

Dance of Wisdom.

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