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Un voyage de réconciliation

avec votre automne intérieur


Autumn is a season both loved and hated. It's a time of detachment, when nature lets go of what it no longer needs to prepare for winter. So, we love the colors of autumn, but at the same time we perceive autumn as a time of exhalation, detachment, nostalgia... and this is often difficult for us and generates a sullen effect.

Our being is made up of the same energies as the planet, so we have our own internal seasons, and autumn is no exception. A healthy relationship with each season also enables us to have a healthy relationship with ourselves.

Knowledge of the Great Chinese Energy Tradition offers us a profound understanding of this, and shows us that the same energies present in the cosmos inhabit our bodies, but in a denser energetic state. Thus, everything that happens in our outer world has a corresponding effect in our inner world. The autumn season is linked to what Chinese medical theory calls the movement of metal. It's an energy linked to the orientation of the west and has to do with our lungs and skin, our large intestine, our feelings of nostalgia and our memories of the fu
ture, among other aspects.

Hand in hand with this ancient tradition, in this healing dance seminar we'll be working, through intentional movement, on different ways of reconciling ourselves with our inner autumn. Moving our bodies with a certain intention, under certain sounds and orientations can help us connect with our inner energies, discover the immensity of who we are and, as a result, amplify our consciousness. We invite you to join us and discover the beauty of your own inner fall.



November 5 and 6, 2022

Saturday- 10 to 17h

Sunday: 10 to 14 h


30.9 - 1-10. 2023

Saturday- 10 to 17h

Sunday: 10 to 14 h







-Introduction : Qu'est-ce que l'automne interne ?

             Manifestation énergique de l'automne à l'extérieur et à l'intérieur.

-Danse du détachement : lâcher prise sur ce dont on n'a plus besoin

-Danse de la moisson : récolte des vertus cultivées.

-Danse du souffle et de la peau : danse de la caresse.

-Danse de la mémoire : de la nostalgie à la mémoire du futur.

-Danse des ténèbres : recherche de la lumière intérieure.


Contact : Luz Angelly Torres

+41 76 615 03 27





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