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Dances of the Chackras

Healind Dance Sessions in Tampere


We start a series of Healing Dances about Tantra and the Chakras. It will we a serial of two months in where we will have one dance session for chakra.  The idea of this Tantric Dances is not related with opening the chakras, but to experience the different levels of our energetic centres and have a deep understanding of the progressive transformation that happens in our body when we work on them. These Dances offer us the possibility to travel through our energy, our sensitivity and be more in contact with ourselves.

 We meet on Tuesdays from 17 to 18,30h, in our Healing Arts centre in Tahmela.


-7th March 2023:

Mulhadara Dance: The Roots.

-14th March 2023:

Swadisthana Dance: The force of sensuality.

-21st March 2023:

Manipura: The Force of Transformation.

-27th March 2023:

Anahata Dance: The force of Love.

-4th April 2023:

Vishuda Dance: Communication.

-11th April 2023:

Ajna Dance: Intuition and Light.

-18th April 2023:

Sahsrara Dance: The Connexion with Universe.

-25th April 2023:

Tantra Gong Dance: The  Kundalini Ascension.

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