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Online meetings for women, focused on the awakening of Femininity and sharing in Feminine. (spanish)


The main objective of the cycles of Orientation and Accompaniment to the Feminine is to share, learn and develop strategies and wisdom about fundamental aspects of our lives as women. At the same time that we learn theoretical concepts and develop practical elements, we will have the opportunity to share our difficulties and our hopes with other women and learn from the strategies that each one of us has invented in the course of our lives.

The feminine walks in a network, and the isolation of women has been one of the historical strategies of patriarchy to prevent us from developing our potential. Our femininity is nurtured and grows when we walk together, and today's technological resources allow us to do so even if we live in different countries and are far away from each other. Let's take advantage of it.

That is why I invite you to participate in these online meetings where you will learn, share and practice.

Art, creativity and energetic knowledge of our body, from the perspective of Traditional Chinese Medicine will be tools that will help us in this adventure. Thus, sacred dance, healing music, chanting, energetic massage, Qigong and the use of medicinal herbs will be present in our journey.


We will meet every 15 days, and complete cycles of eight meetings (4 months) dedicated to different aspects of our femininity.



The first cycle will be dedicated to the Experience of Love in Women

(February to May 2024).

The second cycle of 4 months will be dedicated to women's health

(August to November 2024).

The third cycle we will dedicate to connecting and bonding with our feminine

(January to April 2025).




-Wednesdays every two weeks, from 7pm to 9pm (Spanish time).

We start on February 14, 2024.



What does each meeting include?

-Each meeting consists of:

A space for theoretical exposition
A space for practice
A space for sharing



We will meet via zoom




1 meeting 20€.

1 cycle of 4 months (8 meetings) 130€.

Consultations and individualized guidance:

            There is the possibility to have an individualized consultation, if you need privacy to deal with any issue. The price of these consultations is 40€ per hour.

more info and registrations at:




1st meeting: 14.2.2024 - WHY IS LOVE SO IMPORTANT FOR US?

The transformation from matrilineal love to romantic love.



2nd meeting: 28.2.2024 - DAUGHTER'S LOVE.

Mother-daughter relationship. Relationship with the father. How do they affect us?


3rd meeting: 13.3.2024 - LOVER'S LOVE.

Relationship with the male. From myths to realities.           

Why do we suffer so much for love?


4th meeting: 27.3.204 - MOTHERLY LOVE.

From postpartum depression to unconditional love. Maternal energy.


5th meeting: 10.4.2024 - LOVE FOR SELF.

Relationship with the body and the soul.



6th meeting: 24.4.2024 - FRIEND'S LOVE.

Complicity and collective work.



7th meeting: 8.5.2024 - GRANDMOTHER'S LOVE.

Wisdom. Service to humanity.



8th meeting: 22.5.2024 - MYSTIC LOVE:

A love without gender...

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