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Dances of the Chackras

Sacred Dance Course in Switzerland

In this Sacred Dance Seminar we will explore through intentional movement, the seven chakras that, according to the philosophy of Tantrism, run through our body, from the perineum to the crown of the head. Each one of these seven rooms has its energetic correspondence also with the Chinese Alchemical Tradition, in what is called The Seven Gates.

The aim of this meeting is NOT to "open the chakras", as these open or close depending on the spiritual state of the person, and that is something that each person develops by themselves. Rather the dance will lead us to perceive these seven different energetic levels in our being: Dance  will help us to be more in touch with our energies and to experience the potential that is housed in each of these centres.

Movement, music and intention will make us travel through the magical serpent that lives in all of us and its seven magical levels.

The course will be in english language


3-4- february 2024

Saturday from 10a.m to 18h

Sunday from 10 to 15h


Le Fleuve Tango

Rue de Lausanne 60



280 CHF


Luz Angely Torres

+41 766150327


Introduction to Tantrism and Chines Inner Alchemy


Mulhadara: Dance of the Root.

Swadisthana:  Dance of the Sweetness

Manipura: Dance of Transformation.

Anahata: Dance of Love.

Vishuda: Dance of Communication.

Ajna: Dance of  Light.

Sahsrara: Dance of the Universe.

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